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Party Equipment Hire in Melbourne

All your party hire needs in one convenient location!

In addition to mobile DJ hire, Sound FX DJ Services also offers specialty party equipment hire in Melbourne, no matter the function or event. From dry ice machine hire to karaoke machines and everything in between, you’ll find it all!

Dry ice machine hire in Melbourne

A dry ice machine will create the perfect effect for the bridal waltz at your wedding. One of our experienced operators can set up and control the dry ice fog effect for you on your special day.

We use the Peasouper dry ice smoke machine, favoured for its light weight yet powerful performance. You’re able to easily regulate the rate of smoke flow, and the machine’s 9kg dry ice capacity produces about 5 minutes worth of fog. 

The Peasouper is renowned for being more powerful than other dry ice smoke machines that are twice its size, all the while still being very simple to use. A four-step ratchet system controls the flow rate, enabling output variation through the front nozzle for which a ducting adaptor and ducting hose are available.

Dry ice, which can be purchased from various depots around the country, is solid carbon dioxide, heavier than air, thus creating a low lying blanket of fog which is odourless and non-toxic, for that atmospheric 'walking on clouds' affair.


  • 4 step flow rate control and water level indicator
  • Ducting hose and adaptor optional extras
  • Heater cut off safety feature
  • Durable, heat resistant exterior

Projector Hire

Brands include: Ben Q, NEC, In-Focus, Acer


Projector Screen Hire

Tripod Screens:

  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 2m
  • 2.5m
  • 2.9m
  • 3.0m

Inflatable Cinema Screen

Our screens are suitable for everything from mobile cinema to corporate vents & advertising

  • 5m Blow up screen
  • 5m Projector screen on truss
  • 5m projector screens come with a full cinema sound system and operator for the complete cinema experience.

Low Lying Fog Machine Hire

The low lying fog machine is a similar effect to dry ice but it is cheaper and is a great D.I.Y. effect for parties.


Smoke Machine Hire

Great for parties. Get that night club atmosphere.


Marquee Hire

6x6m Marquee with walls. Includes sand bags & pegs.

6x3m Marquee

Gazeebo Hire

3x3m Gazebo (no walls) includes sand bags & pegs.


Speaker Hire

  • Sound FX DJ Service has a range of speakers for hire, including active and passive speakers. (Self powered speakers and speakers with separate amplifiers)
  • 18" Sub woofers, 15" Sub woofers, 15" Full range speakers, 12" Full range speakers


Ipod Speaker Systems Hire

2 speakers, 2 speaker stands, 1 mixer, call leads


Ipod Sound System & Lights Party Pack Hire

As above plus 3 DJ Lights


Lighting Hire

Sound FX DJ Service has a range of lighting effects for hire including

  • laser lights
  • mirror balls
  • various club lights
  • DJ lights
  • strobe lights
  • LED Lights
  • "up lighting"
  • par cams
  • disco lights

Cordless Mic Hire

Microphones with leads and cordless microphones available


Karaoke Hire

Full set up with DJ, lights & Karaoke or Karaoke Jukebox


Juke Box Hire

Karaoke Juke box or normal Jukebox available


Popcorn machine hire Melbourne

Great for fund raiser – a healthy snack that kids love! The popcorn machine is excellent for birthdays or Movie nights in your backyard, local school or park.
Our popcorn machine can produce approximately 4.16kg of popcorn per hour, that’s equivalent to about 125 bags of popcorn per hour!
Each cycle lasts 3 to 4 minutes and will give you the equivalent of 2 huge bowls full of popcorn every 3 to 4 minutes.
It’s perfect for parties, weddings, school movie nights, club movie night’s large corporate functions, even restaurants and snack bars.

Whether you’re looking to hire a dry ice machine in Melbourne or require anything else from our party equipment hire range, book with us now online or call Sound FX DJ Service today on 0418 530 928.